Software Security : 2020 Spring/Summer


Instructor: Yajin Zhou
Location: 玉泉校区曹光彪楼二期103
Meeting Times: Thursday 15:55 - 17:30, Wednesday 14:05 - 15:40 (Lab)
TAs: 马麟(
Dingding Group: 30121399



Students should check this schedule regularly as changes may happen without separate announcements.

Module Date Topics Readings Slides
0x0 Introduction 02/27 Introduction & Basic Principles
0x1 Vulnerabilities and Attacks 03/05 Buffer Overflow
0x2 03/12 Return2libc
0x3 03/19 Stack Canary, ROP
0x4 03/26 Format String Vulnerability
0x5 04/02 Blind ROP
0x6 04/09 UAF, Integer Overflow, Type Confusion
0x7 Code Analysis 04/16 Basic Principles/Static Analysis
0x8 04/23 Taint Analysis, Symbolic/Concolic Execution
0x9 04/30 Binary Analysis/Reverse Engineering
0xA 05/07 Fuzzing
0xB 05/14 Guest Lecture (温瀚翔(仲花) and 谢俊东(栈长) from 蚂蚁光年实验室)
0xC Advanced Topics 05/21 CFI/SFI/DFI
0xD 05/28 Hardware-assisted Security
0xE 06/04 Automatic Exploit Generation
0xF Review 06/11 Review